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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Sanitization service effective against diseases like Coronavirus?

    Professional sanitization services can help you fight contagious microbes. These experts are well-equipped to sanitize the most commonly used and touched surfaces like elevators, counters, switches, doors, steps, etc. that are generally breeding grounds for such dangerous viruses.

  • How is sanitizing different from regular cleaning?

    This is a huge difference between cleaning and sanitizing. While regular cleaning removes visible dust and dirt, sanitizing helps to reduce the number of disease-causing germs on various surfaces to a safe level.

  • How long does it take to sanitize a home?

    It usually takes about 2-3 hours to effectively sanitize a home. However, if you wish to know the exact details, please call the professionals for a personalized consultation.

  • Do I need to vacate the property during sanitization?

    It's best to keep your family and pets away during the disinfection and sanitization process. Also, if possible, you should not enter the property for at least an hour after the sanitization is done.

  • What areas of the house should I get sanitized?

    You need to identify the most touched surfaces and areas of your house for disinfection or sanitization. These may include door handles, windows, kitchen counters, cooking area, bathroom surfaces, faucets, switches, etc.

  • Should I clean my house before sanitization starts?

    Yes, you must remove all the dirt, dust and debris from your floors and other surfaces before you can start the sanitizing process. If the surfaces are not clean, the sanitizing job may not have the desired impact.

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