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Property Valuation
34 Checks by Expert Valuers + Onsite Verification
34 Checklist
  • Identification of property
    • Verification of Boundaries
    • Verification of Dimensions
    • Identification of Survey Number
    • Local Feedback
    • Verification of property through provided layout plan
    • Matching of electricity meter number against provided bill
  • Market Analysis
    • Rates through Campus Enquiry
    • Market rates through local dealers
    • Opportunity due to any proposed development
    • Identification of any stigma associated
    • Any threats like proximity to HT line, Water bodies
  • Structure Inspection
    • Physical inspection of the property
    • Identification of structure deformation, if any and substantiate with photographs
    • Measurement of Actual Built up Area, Setbacks, Access.
    • Verification of the property against the provided plans
  • Occupancy
    • Level of occupancy
    • Any domination
    • Physical occupier of the property
    • Amenities and facilities available nearby
  • Statutory
    • Guideline rates
    • Identify Municipal Limits
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Documents Required for Valuation
Sale deed/ Title document
Appropved/ Sanction map
Layout Plan
Utility Bill
NOC( where required)
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Property Valuation from MagicBricks
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What does a Property Valuer do

  • Valuation for Buyers

    Finalized a property? Let an Expert Valuer make sure it's worth the price you pay & help you save money.
  • Valuation for Sellers

    Want to sell your property quickly? Make sure it's priced accurately. With professional valuers, you can easily determine its real value.
  • Strategic Advisory

    Get help with a range of property matters like legal obligations, competitive market value analysis, acquisition, etc.
How it works
  • Step 1
    Choose a Service
    Choose the one that best suits your requirements
  • Step 2
    Share details of property
    Experts will assess its value based on location, condition & other factors.
  • Step 3
    Get valuation report
    Get the final valuation report from the team of valuers.
How Property Valuation helps
  • Property Valuation in India: Benefits, importance, valuation methods & legal standing
  • What are the benefits of Property Valuation?
  • What Are House Valuation or Property Valuation Services - Benefits, Methods, Process
  • Importance and Benefits of Property Valuation for Buyers
Partners Certified by Leading Banks
Partners are Registered Members of Accredited Institutes
  • Council of Engineers and Valuers
  • Institution of Engineers
  • Institution of Valuers
  • Indian Institute of Valuers

All you need to know about Property Valuation

What's the role of Property Valuers?

  • Property Evaluation

  • Property Inspection

  • Location Assessment

  • Property Recommendations

  • Auctioning & Assistance

  • Final Report of Property

How does a Property Valuer help?

When should you avail Property Valuation?

  • Property valuation for buying or selling

  • Property valuation for a loan

  • Property valuation for tax purposes

  • Property valuation for stamp duty calculation

What is the process of Property Valuation

What is a Property Valuation report and how is it important?

Save extra on your Property Deal
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to calculate the value of a property?

    Calculating the value of a property requires expertise. You can hire property valuation experts to give you an accurate value of your property. These expert valuers are equipped with vast knowledge of the property market that helps them arrive at the right value.

  • What is the fair market value of a property?

    As per the Income Tax Act, 1961, the fair market value is the price that you may get for selling an asset in the open market on any particular date. It is either equal to the cost price of the property or the current sale price of the property in the open market (whichever of the two is higher).

  • Are home valuations free?

    Home valuation is a complex process that requires expert knowledge of not just current sale prices but also various other factors related to market conditions. If you hire an expert for home valuation, you will have to pay the charges. These charges depend on the type of property, scope of examination, and certain other factors.

  • How much does a property valuation survey cost?

    The cost of a property valuation survey depends on factors like property type, area, scope of examination, etc. At Magicbricks, you will find multiple property valuation packages, including Desktop valuation, Drive-by valuation, and Proper physical valuation. These packages start from around Rs 800-Rs 900.

  • What are the different types of property valuation methods?
    There are different methods of calculating the value of a property. Take a lot at some of the most common ones below:
    • Sales Comparison approach: Under this method, the valuer finds out the recent sale prices of comparable properties (i.e. the properties with similar area, location, age, no. of bedrooms, etc.). The sale prices of such comparable properties are then used to arrive at a benchmark price for the property being valued.
    • Cost approach: This method is used when there are no comparable properties. In this case, the price is calculated by determining the current cost of buying the land and constructing a similar property in that area.
    • Discounted value of property rentals: This method involves estimating the future rent of a property. Future rent is determined by analysing the demand and supply in the area. Based on the rental value, experts determine the value of the property.
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