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PNB Home Loan EMI Calculator

PNB HFL home loan is one of the most preferred financial products for the construction or purchase of real estate properties. With a competitive rate of interest and secured funding, the PNB HFL home loan has been helping thousands of salaried individuals, self-employed people, and businessmen.

Home loans come with long-term financial commitment and failing to plan it accurately can lead to penalties or repayment failure. PNB home loan EMI calculator provides a mathematical breakdown of the whole repayment scenario. You can use the tool multiple times before finalizing the home loan amount and tenure.

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Benefits of PNB Housing Home Loan Calculator

PNB Home loan calculator aims at enhancing your loan repayment abilities. Some of the main benefits are listed below –

  • It provides a breakup of the outstanding loan amount and finance charges of your home loan
  • You can compare various loan amounts and tenures to narrow down to your most feasible home loan option
  • It doesn't include any complicated calculations and yet delivers accurate information in seconds
  • It facilitates easy loan management

How To Calculate Home Loan EMI?

Why take the risk of complicated calculations when you have a free financial tool to help you? Magicbricks Home Loan EMI calculator allows borrowers to compare various home loan options and find the one that fits their monthly budget.

How To Use Magicbricks' Home Loan EMI Calculator

The Magicbricks home loan calculator instantly shows your EMI and other associated finance charges when you fill in the details.

  • Visit PNB HFL home loan page
  • Fill in the exact loan amount
  • Select the loan tenure (in years)
  • Select the correct interest rate
  • The calculator will now show your total payable, total interest, and EMI payable amount
  • Click on the 'Calculate Your EMI' option
  • Recalculate the EMI anytime you want by changing the home loan inputs

Home Loan EMI Calculation Formula

Usually, Home loan EMI is calculated with the help of the following formula –

E = P.r. (1+r)^n/[(1+r)^n-1]

where P = Principal/Loan Amount availed by the borrower
E= applicable amount of EMI
r = rate of interest per month (annual rate of interest divided by 12)
n = repayment tenure (in months)

For example, if any borrower avails a loan of 20 lakh for a tenure of 10 years at a 9.25% rate of interest, the applicable EMI will be –
E = 20,00,000 × .0077 × (1+.0077)^120/[(1+.0077)^120-1]
EMI = Rs. 25,607

PNB Housing Finance Home Loan Amortization Schedule

Home loan amortization is the schedule denoting the periodic payments for a home loan. It offers a transparent picture of the actual amount the borrower needs to pay in each repayment cycle. Thus it helps the borrowers to organize the funds they have and pay-off the loan without defaulting.

If you have taken a home loan of Rs 25 lakh over a 10-year tenure at 9% annual interest from PNBHFL, your monthly EMI will equate to Rs. 31,669 and the total interest amount will be Rs. 38,00,274. Your amortization schedule will look like the following –

Year Beginning Loan Balance EMI*12 Interest Paid Yearly Principal Paid Yearly Outstanding Balance
1 25,00,000 3,80,027 2,18,443 1,61,585 23,38,415
2 23,38,415 3,80,027 2,03,285 1,76,743 21,61,673
3 21,61,673 3,80,027 1,86,705 1,93,322 19,68,350
4 19,68,350 3,80,027 1,68,570 2,11,457 17,56,893
5 17,56,893 3,80,027 1,48,734 2,31,293 15,25,600
6 15,25,600 3,80,027 1,27,037 2,52,990 12,72,610
7 12,72,610 3,80,027 1,03,305 2,76,722 9,95,887
8 9,95,887 3,80,027 77,346 3,02,681 6,93,206
9 6,93,206 3,80,027 48,953 3,31,075 3,62,132
10 3,62,132 3,80,027 17,896 3,62,132 0

Home Loan FAQs

  • Q. How does a PNB Home Loan EMI Calculator help in planning my home purchase?/h3>

    EMI is a fixed monthly amount that you are required to pay for the repayment of your loan. Knowing the EMI beforehand will allow you to plan your monthly budget accordingly.

  • Q. How do part prepayments impact my EMI?

    Part prepayments are a way of reducing your outstanding loan balance. This helps to reduce the EMI and interest due on your home loan. It will allow you to repay your home loan faster.

  • Q. What is a Home Loan Pre-EMI?/h3>

    Often the lender decides to disburse the amount of the loan in stages. You need to pay your EMI after the whole loan gets disbursed. Till then you are required only to pay the applicable interest on the partly disbursed loan amounts. This amount is called pre-EMI.

  • Q. Can I reduce my home loan EMI?/h3>

    Yes. You can reduce the amount of EMIs and interest charged by prepaying a part of your home loan. However, this works best when you prepay your loan during the initial years when the interest component in EMI is higher, as compared to later years.

  • Q. What is a Home Loan Amortization Schedule?

    A Home Loan Amortization schedule will provide details on the following:

    The outstanding amount of loan before each EMI payment
    Contribution towards your interest payment and principal repayment
    Outstanding loan amount after each EMI payment
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