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From Our Customers
Neelchandra Roy

I am really happy with the service. The professional came on time and was very careful with all my household items. The treatment went well.

Sandeep Reddy

Highly effective pest treatment! I have been struggling with pests for a long time. After the treatment, I can now feel safe at home.

Lok Priya

I am quite surprised with the results! The service provider was quick to understand the problem and do the required treatment.

Sourin Lodh

Thank you for the excellent service.The service provider was quick to identify the termite infested areas in my bedroom and apply the treatment.

Pest Control FAQ's

  • How frequently should I do pest control in my house?

    That depends on factors like the type of pests you have and how serious the infestation is. So, if you think your house might be infested by insects or rodents or any other pests, it's best to call the experts. These experts can do a quick inspection of your house and determine the best treatment required. Also, these experts can create a suitable treatment schedule so that pests do not return.

  • Why is pest control important?
    There are many reasons why pest control treatment is important:
    • Pests can cause serious damage to your property and belongings. Termites and wood ants, if left untreated, can tear apart your place within a few months. Some bugs hide within your walls and can cause serious damage even before you notice any issue.
    • Pests can lead to serious health issues, if not treated on time. Common pests like rodents and mosquitoes are quite capable of transmitting diseases. Also, if you have rats, you could face really serious health threats.
    • It keeps your food safe and healthy. Pests like ants and moths often find their way to the kitchen and your food items, leaving it unhealthy for you to consume.
    • Most importantly, pest control is important for a happy living. After all, no one likes to live with a million bugs and insects. That's why a regular treatment is important to ensure your house is always protected.
  • How long does a pest control treatment generally last?

    The duration for which a treatment lasts depends on the type of pests you have in your house. A general pest control that treats insects like roaches, moths, spiders, etc. can last for a few months. Many experts recommend quarterly pest control treatment to ensure complete protection of your house.

  • Do new construction homes also need pest control?

    Yes, it's always better to get pest control done on newly built homes to avoid costly repairs and treatments at a later stage. Taking the service while your home is still new will ensure its protection from infestation in future.

  • How do I prepare my house for pest control?
    There are a few simple things you need to ensure before taking a pest control treatment:
    • Mark the areas where you have seen pests. This will help the pest control technicians know where these pests could be hiding in your house.
    • Move your furniture and other movable items like electronics and appliances to ensure full access to the areas where you have seen pests. Make sure to keep these heavy items away from walls.
    • Put all the food items in your house somewhere safe and make sure they are properly covered. Do not leave any food item in the open.
    • Let your family members and pets stay outside the house until the treatment is done.
  • Why do I need professionals to do pest control?

    If not treated properly, pests can damage the structural integrity of your property over the time. Therefore, it's important that you hire professionals for pest control instead of doing it yourself. With years of experience, these experts are well-equipped to handle such pests effectively, thus saving you a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

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