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How it Works

It's easy, quick, and the most rewarding way to pay your monthly rent.
  • 1. Provide your rent and
    landlord's account details
  • 2. Make payment using
    your credit card
  • 3. Landlord gets the rent
    within 1 working day

Magicbricks Promise

We're committed to making your rent payments more secure, easy and rewarding.
  • 100% Secure Payments
    Rest assured when you pay your rent through Magicbricks, all your information is secure. We never store your credit card details.
  • Transparency
    A digital rent receipt will be automatically generated and mailed to your registered email address, every time you pay the rent.
  • Better Savings
    Get rewarded for your biggest monthly expense and maximize your savings. Plus stand a chance to win exclusive offers from banks.

Any Questions? We are here to help

  • How to pay rent online through Magicbricks?

    You can pay rent through Magicbricks, whether you are a registered user or a new user. All you need is a credit card and the bank account/UPI details of your landlord to complete the transaction.

  • Should you pay rent with a credit card?

    Your rent is probably your biggest fixed monthly expense. So why not earn some rewards on this payment every month? Credit cards offer reward points, cashback, air miles or even instant discounts on your spends. In addition, when you pay rent with your credit card, you get upto 45 days of interest-free credit period.

  • How to get cashback for paying rent online?

    Depending on the credit card you are using, you can earn cashback, instant discount, reward points, air miles, etc. The way these rewards are credited to your account may vary from bank to bank.

  • How long will it take to transfer the rent to landlord's account?

    Once you complete the payment successfully, it usually takes upto 1 working day to transfer the rent to your landlord's bank account.

  • Is it safe to pay rent with a credit card through Magicbricks?

    Paying rent through Magicbricks is 100% safe and secure. We doesn't store any of your confidential information, including your credit card details.

  • Are there any extra charges for paying house rent online?

    A small processing fee is charged for paying rent online with a credit card. This fee is 1% of the transaction amount if you are using either a VISA or a Mastercard credit card.

  • Shall I get the receipt of paying rent through credit card?

    Once your rent payment is successfully processed and transferred to the landlord's account, you will get a digital rent receipt on your registered email address.

Pay rent with credit card on Magicbricks

A tenant is always under pressure to pay the house rent within the specified timeline every month. As the Coronavirus pandemic hit hard, the finances of a majority of the working class were affected drastically. Thus, paying the monthly rent on time has become a big burden for several tenants.

In order to ensure convenience, Magicbricks has introduced the facility of paying rent through credit cards, and that too with minimal convenience fee.

Benefits of paying rent with Credit Card

Using your credit card for paying rent has several advantages, especially at times when you face liquidity issues. Some of the major benefits are listed below:
Reward points
Unlike cash transfers, expenses incurred on a credit card can earn you good and additional reward points. These reward points can be redeemed for availing several benefits like getting shopping vouchers, flight tickets or even availing travel packages.

Also, you would be able to earn certain attractive coupons, deals and offers from several renowned online and retail brands.
Timely payments without any stress
At times, lack of liquidity can lead to a lot of stress, especially when it comes to paying your rent. While your salary may be released on a later date, rent is often paid right at the beginning of each month. A credit card comes in handy, and allows you to pay the rent, even if you don't have enough money in the account.
Improves credit score
In case you have a big unused limit on your credit card, you can wisely use the same credit limit for maintaining the credit score. However, it is always advised not to exceed a usage of more than 30% of the given credit limit in your credit card. If this is not followed, it may negatively impact the credit score.
Easy transfer to account
Unless you are conducting a UPI or IMPS payment, bank transfers may take a lot of time. When you use Magicbricks for paying your house rent through a credit card, the amount is transferred to the recipient's account with minimal effort.

Depending on your credit card provider, you can automate your rent payments as well, which would make the process even more convenient.
Meeting the spend milestones very easily
Several credit cards offer a waiver on the annual fee on spending a minimum amount of INR 1.5 lac or INR 2 lac. When you use your credit card to pay for monthly rent, it is much easier for you to reach this milestone and receive a fee waiver.
Interest-free credit period
When you pay your house rent through your credit card, you would get an increased credit period for payment. So, this would resolve your cash flow issues to a certain extent. If you pay the rent right before the end of the billing cycle, you can defer the payment by up to 45 days without getting any interest charged on your account.

How to pay rent using a credit card?

Magicbricks has come up with a platform to pay rent through your credit card even if the landlord does not have any registered web portal linked with a payment gateway.
Provide landlord's account and rent details
All you need to do is to fill up your and the landlord's necessary details.
Make the payment
Once the details are registered successfully, you can make the payment using your credit card.
Landlord receives the payment
Once the transaction is done, the landlord receives the rent in his given bank account within one working day.
Please note - While you opt to use your credit card to pay your rent, you need to be responsible and preferably pay your complete credit card outstanding every month to keep your credit score healthy.

Paying only the minimum amount may lead you to get overburdened with a large debt, and you may end up paying large interest on the outstanding amount.
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