What is Title Deed of Property? All You Need to Know.

What is Title Deed of Property? All You Need to Know.

December 7,2021 by Anirudh Singh Chauhan
Table of Contents
  • Types of Title Deed 
  • Do I Need a Title Deed to Sell My House?
  • Title Deed Polls for Commercial Properties
  • Advantages of Using a Title Deed Poll
  • How to Choose the Best Trustee Company to Perform Your Title Deed Poll?
  • How Paralegals and Legal Document Scanners are Eliminating the Role of Title Deed-Attorney?
  • Why Choose a Paralegal or Legal Document Scanner?
  • Are you ready to Buy or Sell Property Using Title Deeds?
What is a title deed? Also known as sale deeds, title deeds are real estate documents used in India and other countries. They originated from a time when the land and deeds were recorded in the County Records office. But they have evolved since then. Title deeds convey ownership of properties to parties purchasing them from the owners. For these transactions to happen smoothly, title deeds must be completed correctly and provide all the necessary information about the purchased property.

Title deeds provide a lot of information about a property - who owns it, what rights or privileges that owner has, and how much it is worth. The country clerk-office creates it and can be found online or at government offices.

Types of Title Deed 

What is a deed? A deed is a formal document that defines how a property is owned, transferred, and inherited. It often includes information on how much land an individual has or their rights on that land. 

Title deeds of a property are the legal document that transfers ownership of the property. They are typically used to transfer property from one individual to another.

Some of the deed types are-
  • Warranty Deeds

Warranty deeds are the most crucial documents for companies to protect themselves from liability. They are also important documents that need to be drafted, reviewed, and signed by their legal team. Warranty deeds are for several reasons:
  • To transfer property rights of a product to the buyer

  • To provide the buyer with certain types of warranties such as warranty against defects in materials or service

  • To protect the rights of one party during strict contractual agreements.

In a warranty deed, the grantor transfers to the grantee real property owned by the grantor. In exchange, the grantee agrees to do or not to do something. In other words, a warranty deed transfers an interest in the property's title deeds to another person in return for a promise that the grantor holds. The grantee might be required under this agreement to take possession of and hold onto the particular property until a specific event has occurred.
  • Quitclaims

Quitclaims are one of the most important legal documents you can file. In this legal document, you claim ownership of a property as the owner and relinquish your rights as a tenant. This document includes a description of the property, the name and address of the landlord, and other relevant information updated regularly.
In the past, people who wanted to make a new start would use quitclaim deeds to document their break from their former lives. More recently, they have been in divorces and other matters about property rights. Quitclaim deeds could be analog or digital. They could be set up as a PDF or scanned into a word document and then printed out by the person who wants them made. 
  • Gifts

The land title deed is a type of property ownership document. The ownership of land gets transferred to the bearer. The title deed authorizes the owner to occupy, use or sell that specific piece of land. Title deeds can be given as gifts during celebrations-birthdays, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, and others. The recipient would then hold that piece of land as part of their property.
  • Pledges

A pledge is an act of giving property to another by transferring the title. The type of title deed used can vary depending on the language.
The type of title deed used can vary depending on the language. The most common form of the pledge is a trust deed. Pledge differs from mortgage, which involves borrowing money.
  • Chattel Mortgages

A Chattel mortgage is a type of home-purchase loan given to people who cannot qualify for a standard mortgage because their credit score is not high enough or do not have enough income. However, they can make monthly payments on the loan, similar to other types of installment loans.
Chattel mortgages have been around since the 1970s. They were previously used for cars and other valuables but are now more commonly used for loans. They are a crucial resource to have when applying for a mortgage or refinancing your current one. In recent years, people have been using arranged mortgages instead of standard ones to afford a home. These mortgages are for people who do not meet income requirements but still want a place of their own.

Do I Need a Title Deed to Sell My House?

The answer to this question can be complicated, but in most cases, you do not need a title deed if you are selling your property for less than the amount mentioned in the law. If your property sells for more than this amount or requires any repair, you will need to get a deed from the government.
Title deeds are vital when trying to sell your property because they are proof. It shows that you own the home; there are no liens or other claims on it. When selling a home, it is vital to check the seller's name so potential buyers can be aware of any liens or court judgments against them.

Title Deed Polls for Commercial Properties

Deed Polls are a legal document that transfers ownership of land or property to another person. The legal document certifies that the real estate is sold and includes the transfer of ownership at the time of signing.
Title deeds can be filed by commercial companies, their directors, or trustees who own commercial properties. This enables them to make sure that they are correctly registered if they need to raise funds for any cause. Some commercial companies use deed polls to ensure that their assets are correctly registered under their names should they ever need to raise funds for any reason.

Advantages of Using a Title Deed Poll

Title Deeds are a standard real estate practice used by homeowners to name a specific property owner. The deed includes the following information:
  • The name of the owner

  • The county and state, i.e., the location where the property is situated

  • The title on the real estate tax records

  • A description of the property that anyone on behalf of that owner can read

How to Choose the Best Trustee Company to Perform Your Title Deed Poll?

Trustee companies often ask for a deposit to start work, but some will refuse to do the job if you don't meet specific requirements. So, before hiring a company to sell your home, it's essential to know their terms and conditions and understand what they can and can't do.
Here's a list of the most common questions that trustees might ask:
  • What is your selling price?       

  • How long will you live on the property?

  • Can we get an offer within 24 hours?

  • Will you be willing to accept an offer today?

With the increase in technology, legal document scanners that help to provide digital copies of documents are becoming more and more popular. These document scanners are becoming more and more common in many areas such as business and law. They generally take a significant amount of time to prepare the documents for scanning. However, this is where paralegals step in to help out. Paralegals take scanned documents and output finished work for clients.
There are many different ways that paralegals can assist with legal document scanning. They can help with formatting issues, proofreading errors, or even guide the user through the process when they don't know how to use a particular system or machine properly. Before you concern yourself with title deeds, you must understand what a deed is. 
A legal document scanner is like a high-end scanner that reads and converts paper documents into digital ones. It can read documents at different speeds, which allows for faster document conversion.
The process of scanning paper documents can be laborious for any law firm, but with the help of a legal document scanner, it becomes faster and more efficient. Just like how an email can be saved as a PDF or text file on your computer, all the scanned documents are saved in the cloud, so they are accessible to you anytime.
As paralegal software has evolved, there are more features included in it today than ever before. Some features make them appealing for both small and large firms. Other features include searchable notes where invoices or contracts can be searched.

Are you ready to Buy or Sell Property Using Title Deeds?

Title deeds are still an essential part of owning property. Even though buying and selling property is very streamlined with the advent of title deeds, people still need to use them to buy or sell their property. In conclusion, it is essential to consider if you are ready to buy or sell a property using its title deeds. If you have more questions about the process or want more information, visit your local government office.
Frequently asked questions
  • What is a Title Deed ?

    Title Deed is a contract that transfers ownership of the property to the buyer, which means that the buyer is legally entitled to possession of the property.

  • What are the benefits of Title Deed ?

    Title Deeds are crucial in the process of obtaining property. This is true for residential houses, commercial buildings, and other properties. Since Title Deeds are considered legal documents, they carry a lot of weight and importance.

  • What is a deed ?

    Deeds are the first public records on land ownership, which the government creates.

  • Can anyone get a Title deed?

    If you are eligible as per the law, then you can apply for a title deed.

  • How long does it take for you to receive your title deed ?

    It differs from country to country.

  • How can you apply for a title deed?

    You can hire an attorney to assist you.

  • Is the presence of property papers mandatory for getting a Title Deed?

    Yes, the presence of property papers is mandatory for getting a title deed made.

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